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Bullish Harami Cross


Bullish Harami Cross

Bullish Harami Cross

The bullish harami cross (harami yose sen) candlestick pattern (view full size chart) is one of the double candlestick patterns (i.e. it consists of two individual candlesticks), and it is a bullish pattern.

The bullish harami cross candlestick consists of a downward candlestick (e.g. a red candlestick), followed by a doji candlestick (e.g. neither a green nor red candlestick) that opens above the close of, and is contained within, the previous candlestick.

Use In Trading

Like the bullish harami pattern, the bullish harami cross pattern can occur in a number of different contexts (e.g. at the beginning of a trend, during a trend, at the end of a trend, etc.), but it is most relevant when it occurs during a significant downward trend. However, the bullish harami cross does not necessarily indicate the end of a downward trend, and therefore can not really be used as a trade entry or a trade exit pattern. The bullish harami cross indicates that the recent trading has been slightly bullish (due to the doji's gap up), but that neither bullish nor bearish trading has dominated.

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