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Day Trading Market Data


Market Data Definition

Day trading market data is the current trading information for each day trading market. Market data includes the current pricing information, and the current volume information (number of contracts). Market data is available in two different levels, with level 1 providing all of the basic trading information, and level 2 providing additional trading information. All day traders need to know what information is included in their market data, and what that information means, so the following tutorial explains each piece of market data in detail :

Market Data Feeds

Day trading market data is provided as a continuous stream of real time trading information. Market data originates at the exchange that offer the market (such as CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) for the ZG futures market), but most day traders receive their market data from their day trading brokerage, or from market data services. The following are profiles of the most popular market data services, including the markets that they offer, their monthly fees, and their market data interface :

Trading and Charting Software

All trading software needs a market data feed so that it can receive the current pricing information, and place and manage orders. All charting software needs a market data feed so that it can create and display its trading charts. Most brokerage provided trading and charting software is only compatible with the brokerage market data feed, but most independant trading and charting software is compatible with several different market data feeds. The following are some of the most popular trading and charting software that are compatible with at least two different market data services :

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