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Day traders could trade their markets directly via the various exchanges, but this would require a trading account with each exchange, so it is more efficient and easier to use a day trading brokerage. In contrast to traditional investors who usually use retail brokers, day traders use direct access brokers, as they provide a direct interface to the exchanges and their markets.

Choosing a Brokerage

There are many different day trading brokerages to choose from, and each one offers something different from the others. Some day trading brokerages offer very low commissions and fees, some are very Internet oriented, and some specialize in certain markets. The brokerage that you choose will depend upon many criteria, including your level of trading experience, your trading style, and the markets that you want to trade.

The day trading brokerage profiles detail the main criteria for several popular brokerages, and provide information and recommendations to help you choose a brokerage that meets your requirements.

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