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Trading Futures Markets


Futures markets are some of the most popular day trading markets, and will probably be the first type of market that you trade. Futures markets are available based upon many different underlyings, such as stock indexes, currencies, and commodities, so you can choose a market that suits not only your trading style, but your personality as well. These articles will describe each type of futures market, and explain how futures contracts work, and how they are used in day trading.
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Futures Markets

Futures markets are available based upon stock indexes (such as the Nasdaq or FTSE 100), currencies (such as the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate), commodities (such as Gold and Silver), agricultural products (such as Corn and Wheat), and even weather (seriously, you can actually trade Snow). These articles will describe the different types of futures market, and list some of the most popular day trading markets within each type.

Futures Contracts

Futures contracts describe the trading parameters for each futures market, and provide the information that is needed to trade each market, such as their symbol, expiration date, the exchange that offers the market, and their tick size and value (minimum price movement and monetary value). These futures contracts articles will explain each piece of information, and show how the information is used in day tradng.

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