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Making Your First Trade - A Step by Step Guide to Your First Trade

Once you have a basic knowledge of day trading, and have gathered all of your tools, you will be ready to make your first trade. This section will guide you through your first trade from choosing a suitable market and trading system, to setting up your charts and order entry software, and then actually making your first trade. The articles will show you an actual trade on a real market, and will explain each step in detail so that you can apply the same process to your own trade.
  1. Choosing a Market (4)

Making your First Trade
A step by step tutorial to making your first real trade, either in simulation or live. Includes descriptions of each step, and images of the trading software and charting software at each step.

Choosing a Market
Discussion of the best markets for beginning day traders, including criteria such as initial trading deposit, personality, tick values, and geographical location.

Trading in Simulation
Description of trading in simulation, and its advantages over trading live when making your first few trades.

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