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Options markets trade slightly differently from all other day trading markets, and as a result, they are often viewed as mysterious and difficult to trade. In reality, options markets are quite straightforward, and once the basics of options markets are understood, they will be as easy to trade as any other market. These articles will provide all of the basic information that you need to understand options markets and contracts, and will give examples of some basic and advanced options strategies.
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Options Markets

The most popular options markets are stock options which are based upon individual stocks, and futures options which are based upon futures markets. These articles will describe both types of options market, and explain the important difference between US style options and European style options.

Trading Options

Options are similar to futures markets, but there are some potentially confusing differences that need to be understood before options markets can be day traded (such as buying the right to sell something). These options trading articles will explain the basics of options markets and options contracts (such as calls and puts), and provide a solid foundation so that you can progress to options strategies (such as long straddles) with confidence.

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